Fuhong Society of Macau

Fuhong Society of Macau was formed by a group of volunteers in May 2003, which is a non-profit organization that mainly provides diversified services for persons with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons and persons with ex-mentally illness, and there are six service units operating under our organization. “Pou Choi Centre”, established in September 2003, specifically provides vocational skills development and employment support services to the adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. “Hong Ieng Centre”, established in July 2005, specifically provides training that uses a “Life Experience Interactive Training” model on the adults with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. Moreover, the centre also provides after class and holiday care services for the service users aside from their regular training. “Yee Lok Centre”, established in July 2007, provides Mental Rehabilitation Support and promotes mental health in the community, and provides Outreaching services for the persons with ex-mentally illness. “Creative Art House”, established in 2010, specifically provides art training for the disabled persons and promotes their cultural products and creative arts development. Besides, under the 1st and 2nd Phases of “Employment Support Scheme for Persons with Disabilities” of Social Welfare Bureau in 2012 and 2015, two social enterprises, “Happy Laundry” and “Happy Market” have been set up. “Happy Corner” and “Happy Shop” were the gift shops which established in 2016. It is expected to create job opportunities for the disabled persons through these working platforms, and let the disabled employees use their personal efforts to integrate into society.


Persons with disabilities are entitled to human rights, they should be endowed with recognition and respect. They have the right to receive various necessary assistance and letting their mental and physical aspects can be fully developed. We are committed to ensuring that these rights are being respected.


1. Providing various opportunities for disabled persons, in order to develop their abilities, which let them be independent in the society and positively integrate into society.
2. Advocating the equal rights of the disabled persons through the amendments of education, policies, and laws.


1. Providing various services, such as domestic care service in the community, which provides a comprehensive caring and the domestic living environment for the disabled persons who are in need.
2. Providing various evaluation and training in order to inspire the potentials of the disabled persons.
3. Co-operating with the family of the disabled persons for providing services with good quality.
4. Providing evaluation, skills training and job opportunities for the disabled persons who are suitable for working.
5. Providing individual counseling and social work services for the disabled persons and their caretakers.
6. Promoting educational events, which aims to let the public to understand more about the disabled persons in order to treat them with a positive attitude.

Introduction of different Centres

Pou Lei Centre

Pou Lei Centre situated at Avenida Norte do Hipódromo 175-181, Edf. Pou Lei Kok, r/c, Macau (Next to Creche Tung Sin Tong III), covering more than 20,000 square feet. This centre specifically provides vocational skill training and employment support services for the adults with intellectual disabilities, which assists them to extend their potentials and integrate into society. There are four sections have been set in the centre: Occupational Therapy Assessment Room, Workshop, Training Room and Socializing Area. The tasks of the service users are Processing, Packaging, Mail Handling, Handicraft Making, Souvenirs Making, Sewing, Photocopying, Printing, Laminating, Binding and Leaflet Delivering, etc. The centre has a mobile cleaning team which was formed by a group of service users, they provide professional cleaning services for the offices and cars under the leading of the tutors.

The Origin of Rainbow Flower

Pou Lei Centre (Formerly named as Pou Choi Centre) was having an opening ceremony on December 11, 2003, and they officially put into service on that day, As a celebration, Dr. Fernando, CHUI Sai On, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture; Mr. IP Peng Kun, the Director of Social Welfare Bureau; Ms. FERREIRA, Maria de Fatima Salvador Dos Santos, the President of Fuhong Society of Macau, Mr. WONG Kam Kee, the President of Fu Hong Society of Hong Kong, and Mr. Simon LEE, the Secretary of Fuhong Society of Macau were invited as the officiating guests, they added five petals with seven different colors onto the flower, as well as the bud and the stem, which made the rainbow flower. The Rainbow Flower has already become the logo of the handcrafted products which made by the users with intellectual disabilities of Pou Lei Centre and aims to let the buyers understand more about them when they saw their products with the logo.

The Legend of the Rainbow Flower

There were seven fairies who lived on the rainbow, they turned their love into a seven-color rainbow. The glow of the rainbow shines the flowers all around, and after the flower had received love, which turned its pedals into different colors and made the rainbow flower. It is said that if you make a vow of love to the rainbow flower, and give it to the person you love, the true love will bloom like a rainbow flower.

The Moral of the Rainbow Flower

The slogan of the Rainbow Flower is “Caring for the mentally handicapped, Leading you to a beautiful life”.

Everything starts with caring for the mentally handicapped, Which makes you feel the satisfaction of your life; Your care and passion that you have devoted, Which leads you to a beautiful life.

Hong Ieng Centre

The Social Welfare Bureau entrusted the Fuhong Society of Macau with the Hong Ieng Centre operation, and it officially put into service in October 2005. This centre specifically provides daytime training for the persons with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities who is 16 or above. In August 2012, it was entrusted again by the Social Welfare Bureau, and expand the existing service quota from 40 to 80. Besides, they also provide after class and holiday care services, and the service quota would be 50 each day. Furthermore, they specifically provide the family service “Hand in Hand” for the caretakers of the persons with intellectual disabilities.

The Centre keeps the service principles “Widen the living experience of persons with intellectual disabilities, and ready for them to get into society”, “Extend their potentials, and make a harmonious community together”. They keep seeking innovation in order to provide comprehensive training for the persons with intellectual disabilities and develop their personal abilities, which assist them to be more independent and integrate into society. They also provide caring service and after class activities to enrich the lives of the persons with intellectual disabilities; caring service for their family members in order to let them receive the suitable mental and physical support. Meanwhile, they devote to promoting the social inclusion with the persons with intellectual disabilities.

Parent Resource Service Centre

While the Fuhong Society of Macau serving the persons with intellectual disabilities, they understand that their family members are bearing long-term different levels of mental and physical pressure, which would let them feel the tension and tiredness, this would affect their living quality and the harmony in the family. Therefore, the Parent Resource Service Centre has been set up to provide different support to the family members, which aims to reduce their pressure, build up a harmonious family, encourage the disabled persons to participate the community with their family members, and integrate into society.

1. Assisting in releasing the pressure on the family members.
2. Widen the personal knowledge and broaden horizons.
3. Increase the harmony of a family.
4. Encourage the disabled persons to integrate into society with their family members.
5. Build up the partnerships with the family members.

Yee Lok Centre

Yee Lok Centre was established in 2007 under the support of the Social Welfare Bureau, all along, they have positively promoted the public’s concern for emotional health, and shared the ways of improving health. Besides, they also provide outreaching support service for the persons with ex-mentally illness, they are convinced the persons with ex-mentally illness are entitled to basic rights of living in the community, therefore, they encourage them to get into the community and provide the necessary support according to individual needs, and assisting them to live happily in the community.

The objectives are to promote the mental health education, strengthen the preventive work, and advocate the public to use a positive attitude to accept the persons with ex-mentally illness, and assist them to live independently and integrate into society.

The Outreaching Service adopted the one-stop case management, which is to arrange a professional to be a “case manager” to follow the case according to the individual needs of the service users, different professional opinions would be merged through the “professional team meeting”, and arrange the suitable assessment and training for the service users, while a regular review of the training would be made. Although the service users are not leaving home, they still can obtain the vocational rehabilitation service, counseling service, and living skills training.

Long Cheng Centre

Long Cheng Centre was established in 2017 under the sponsorship of the Social Welfare Bureau, this is a centre specifically provide 24 hours diversified residential service for the male adults with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities aged 16 or above, which using technologies to bring a better quality of life for the service users; providing diversified and personalized rehabilitation training for enhancing their living skills; providing different classes for them to join in order to extend their potentials and interest; making use of the geographical advantage and social network resources to link into community, in order to provide opportunity for the service users to integrate into society. Besides, short-term and emergency residential service is provided for the members with intellectual disabilities.

Pou Choi Centre

Under the sponsorship of the Social Welfare Bureau, Pou Choi Centre was put into service in May 2018, this is a comprehensive vocational training centre specifically provides vocational training, employment service and on-job training for the persons with ex-mentally illness, and the service quota is 80. The centre aims to serve more persons who are in need, which put more diversified elements into their service in order for their service users to obtain a more diversified service. There are different training areas have been set in the centre, such as workshop, laundry, reception, gift shop and restaurant, they can depend on their past experiences and interests together with the advice of the occupational therapist, to choose the area that they would like to attend for training. The professional team would provide the emotion and technique support in order to let the service users grow through the related training.

Creative Art House

Creative Art House was established in September 2010, which is operating under part of the support of Macao Foundation.

They aim to gather the disabled persons with different disabilities in order to enjoy the creative art. Although their disabilities are different, they are able to cooperate, share and teach each other through arts, and dying colors to this art platform and create an inclusive atmosphere.

They are using the “Dual Track Mode” for their developing direction. The production of cultural and creative gifts and souvenirs are also their important section aside from the regular art training.

Their objectives are to enable the disabled persons to contact the public through the products-making, which the products can become the medium of promotion, at the same time, this can strengthen the public to recognize and realize the art development of the disabled persons.

Introduction of different social enterprises

Fuhong Society of Macau established the social enterprise working group in 2008 and studied the possibility of the social enterprise's development in Macau. Referring to the “2009 Financial Year Policy Address”, the government of Macau Special Administrative Region suggests to carry out the project of “Social Enterprise” which is full of local characteristics, in addition, the “Employment Support Scheme for Persons with Disabilities” was also carried out by the Social Welfare Bureau in 2012. By adopting the pilot approach to invite the non-profit organization to apply, the organization that is successfully applied could realize their social enterprise project for the disabled persons’ employment development through the financial support from the government.

Happy Laundry Social Enterprise

Happy Laundry Social Enterprise was established in January 2012 under the 1st Phase “Employment Support Scheme for Persons with Disabilities” by the support of Social Welfare Bureau. This laundry is under the Macao FHS Company Limited, which is operating in an enterprise model, in order to obtain the “economic” and “social” effectiveness. Happy Laundry expected to create more job opportunities for the disabled persons, and let them work in a real working condition. By working as an employee, they can be more energetic and positively integrate into society.

Happy Market, Happy Corner, and Happy Corner @Macau Tower

Happy Market was established in July 2015 through the 2nd Phase “Employment Support Scheme for Persons with Disabilities”, which expect to make another breakthrough on the employment development for the disabled persons. They tried to act as the social resource coordinator, which operating in innovative, environmentally-friendly, and beneficent concepts while collecting the second-hand items from the public, and after the process of cleansing and repairing, the old items can be reused again. Moreover, by using the concepts of “Resources of Recycling, Sharing and Transferring”, and together with an innovative method to solve the social problems and make more social effectiveness.

Happy Corner was established in April 2016 and Happy Corner @Macau Tower was established in January 2017, which expect to create more job opportunities for the disabled persons on the second-hand products selling and the cultural creative products making markets.

Happy Shop @Anim’ Arte Nam Van & Happy Shop @The Taipa House Museum

Under the introduction by Cultural Affairs Bureau, the projects of Happy Shop @Anim’ Arte Nam Van and @The Taipa House Museum was set up, the venue was provided by the government, and a kiosk was set to sell some snacks and the cultural creative souvenir gifts, made by the service users, and providing an art workshop for the locals and the overseas tourists to experience, which aims to let the public to understand more about the abilities of the disabled persons.

Happy Art Studio

Happy Art Studio was situated at Anim’ Arte Nam Van S9 Shop, and start operating since June 2018, it is a workshop which gathers the disabled persons with different disabilities to learn the art and sell the artistic products. The concept of this workshop is to promote the art of disabled persons, by using the different classes such as dancing, music, and floriculture as the medium, to reveal the talents and potentials of the participants, and aims to strengthen the relationships between parents and children, and to soothe one’s emotion, which helps to break the social barriers in order to build up a harmonious society.